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Emergency Medicine

When your horse is in need of immediate attention, give us a call. You can always count on our facility to provide the care they need. You can bring the horse into the hospital, or we can come out to your farm.


Call your veterinarian if your horse is:

  • Showing signs of colic including anorexia, rolling, pawing, flank-watching, stretching out repeatedly, and
    lifting of the upper lip

  • Eye pain including abnormal tearing, squinting, or swelling 

  • Deep wounds, lacerations, or profuse bleeding

  • Severe lameness of one or more limbs

  • Uncoordinated gait (ataxia) or stumbling excessively

  • Seizures or collapse

  • Difficulty breathing (nostril flare, distressed, increased respiratory rate)

  • Injury to a joint, tendon, or on the bottom of the foot

  • Unusual swelling or suspected bite (snake, spider, etc)

  • Mare is foaling and there is no progression in 10-15 minutes from water breaking: normal deliveries take 30-40 minutes from water break to foal on the ground


24 Hour Emergency Number: 919-362-8879
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