Bonnie Swift


Dr. Bonnie Swift bio 1.jpg

Dr. Bonnie Swift is a graduate of NC State's College of Veterinary Medicine and is proud to be part of the team at Summit Equine.


She grew up with horses and was an active participant in her local chapter of the United States Pony Clubs. It was through the Pony Club that she discovered her favorite sport (Eventing) and the importance of equine husbandry, which is what encouraged her to pursue a career in equine veterinary medicine.


Dr. Swift has had the opportunity to participate in many unique experiences while in veterinary school, including providing veterinary services to our NC coastal ponies and working at the veterinary checkpoint at the end of the Rolex Kentucky's cross country course.


Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Swift enjoys running and spending time with her husband, Ray, her two dogs, Max and Jack, and her two cats, Bo and Night Fury. She aims to get back into lower-level Eventing with her horse, Larry when time permits.